Renaissance Clothing Patterns

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There are many custom patterns for period clothing available from a number of specialty sewing shops. Rainments and AlterYears are oft cited sources for such patterns. Jas Townsend carries a collection of revolutionary garb, but also renaissance appropriate items. Also see Chivalry Sports Patterns and Folkwear Patterns.

For those who can read Acrobat Format, a crude collection of patterns were distributed to participants of RPFN in 1993. This includes a peasant woman's outfit of a Muffin Cap, Chemise, Bodice, and Skirts as well as a man's outfit of Biggins or Flatcap, Jerkin, and Breeches

Finally, these are patterns which have been suggested on the newsgroup Where possible the original poster's name has been retained.

See also: Elizabethan Costuming by Janet Winter.

From: Melissa Glover <>

I finally made it back to the fabric store. I didn't write down discriptions, but the patterns vary from authentic looking peasants clothing to regal attire. Here are the pattern numbers:

Simplicity: 7761 8010 (also womens patterns) 9229
Butterick: 5749 (also womens patterns)
McCall's: 8827 8450 (also boys patterns)
Simplicity: 7756 8010 (also mens patterns)
Buttrick: 5749 (also mens patterns)
McCall's: 8826 8449 (also girls patterns) 8937
Simplicity: 8004
Butterick: 5673 6305
McCall's: 8450 (also mens)
McCall's: 8449 (also womens patterns) 8937

   The new fall 1997 pattern books from Simplicity, McCall's, and Butterick
   have several Renaissance and Medieval patterns.  I believe there were two
   last year there are at least 6 now.  The patterns are for men and women,
   and there may have been new childrens patterns.

   Butterick, #9796
   Simplitiy pattern #7016
   Vogue pattern #7110
   Folkwear Kinsdale Cloak 1-800-477-8727.
   Simplicity #7756 - irish dress and "semi-decent shirt"
   McCalls  8827 is the male pattern, 8826 is the female
   Simplicity 7762 is the male, 7756 is the female

From: Cat ( 8/1997
> I would like some feedback concerning the Simplicity patterns 7756 and 7761
> which are Renaissance patterns that they are producing.  They are expensive
> ($10.00) but may be worth it if it meets the criteria of "authentic."  Has
> anyone worked with this pattern? Comments?   (you can see them at
> Simplicity's Home Page.)
The Simplicity pattern for women is actually peri-oyd if you don't use the sleeves or the silly hats and use fabrics appropriate for peasents. Don't use the recommended rigeline boning. Use steel bones, they'll give better support.

If you're working Faire, just use the bodice pattern and make separate skirts unless your character is Celtic. In which case you should make a leine instead of the blouse.

Bob Rumpf ( OSU Molecular Genetics: "We MAKE Friends"
We got our patterns from a place called Creative Costuming (703) 354-7711. They have patterns ranging from 1200-1800 AD and covering items from standard garments (hosen/shirts/vests/hats/cloaks/capes) to accessories (purses/pouches/etc). Plus the patterns come as a single multi-size pattern, so you can essentially make *any* size garment from the single pattern. Prices aren't bad, considering what you get...
Rainments is a mail order company that stocks books, fabric, patterns, boning & notions, ready made underpinnings and much more. They have always been helpful and have alot of experience in both hitorical and sci/fi costuming. You can reach them for a catalogue at:
P.O. Box 93095
Pasadena, CA 91109

Phone: 818 797-2723

e-mail:  CompuServe 72437,674 (c/o Anderson)

The Whole Costumers Catalogue is another invaluable source for "costume building materials" nation-wide. You can send for one at:
The Whole Costumer's Catlogue
PO Box 207,
Beallsville, PA 15313

Phone: 412 632-3242
From: "Wilson, Rebecca" (RWILSON@LFSMILN2.SSW.JNJ.COM)
Subject: Clothing Patterns
Date: 19 Aug 1996 18:31:18 GMT
I did want to pass on some info that I picked up in regards to costume patterns.

I came across a company on the web called Jas. Towsend & Sons, Inc. They specialize in supplying 18th and 19th century reproductions for living history. Obviously the wrong century for Faire, but many of the clothes and patterns they sell can easily be adapted for a basic peasant look.

Their patterns sell for around $7.00. They can also make the clothes for you at a really reasonable price. I currently have on order a bodice and drawstring skirt that including shipping will cost me under $50. They also sell period glasses, knives, coins, shoes, etc.

The address to their web page catalogue is:

To receive a catalogue by mail you can call them at 1-219-594-5852 or FAX 1-219-594-5580. Their mailing address is:

Jas. Townsend & Son
PO Box 415-W
Pierceton, IN 46562
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