Renaissance Retail Clothing Sources

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Online shops will be listed soon, for now try:

From: (Daniel J Stern)
Subject: MORESCA: Medieval fashions (cloaks & stuff)
Date: Tue, 8 Mar 1994 21:41:00 GMT

Anyone interested in buying authentic medieval fashions (shirts, cloaks and other stuff) can get them from MORESCA Clothing and Costume. Lena Dun is the proprietor. I bought a 14th century shirt from them eight years ago and it still is in great shape. They have a reputation for making durable goods. They can be reached at:

Moresca Clothing and Costume
361 Union Center Road
Ulster Park, NY, 12487

Or, you can see their wares at Renaissance Faires in:
Georgia, (404) 964-8575 for info
Kenosha, WI (708) 395-7773 for info
Sterling Forest, NY (no number given, but faires run from late July to mid Sept)

Some clothing available from Museum Replicas Limited - 1-800-883-8838. Some of it is hokey but the catalogs are fun to page through. Costumes Acting Language RPFI History
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