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Method acting isn't acting. Your job as a faire participant is to become someone new and spend your day inhabiting your new persona unless you're backstage. It's silly and fun, it can bring the past to life, and it can be very rewarding. After dressing the part and speaking the part, acting the part is your next step.

It isn't just you. Most people going to faire want the illusion of being somewhere and somewhen else. Patrons might not realize they also want to be someone else. Don't give them the choice -- you're in character, pull them into your world -- rather than allowing them to pull you into their mundane real world.

Invent Your Character
Who doesn't want to be someone else for a day? At faire you have the chance to reinvent yourself, to be someone else. Create yourself a Character with a new Name and a Profession.
Take to the Streets
Secure in your new identity, you can interact with patrons and other participants. Learn more about Street Acting.
Take to the Stage
You might even adopt a role in a role and become a player upon the stage. Learn more about Stage Acting.
Limber Up
It's great exercise, but Faire is hard on the body! Endless parades, hours of hawking, the eternal temptation of ale. Learn more about limbering up your Body, Voice and Mind.

Helpful tips. For good street conduct as a faire worker, be you guild or boothie, be courteous and polite, keep in character, and have fun. Costumes Acting Language RPFI History
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