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Renfaire.com is a reference for Faire participants and customers alike. It covers the topics of BFA (basic faire accent) and pronunciation, costuming, acting, and basic history from the Tudor period through the end of the Elizabethan, providing a wealth of period knowledge and a touch of everything for the reinactor or renaissance-fair enthusiast.

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Students are welcome to reference our content. Please use the MLA format for citation of online sources. Use the current date as the citation date, thus recording when you referenced the page. The last edit date of the page is not needed. The MLA format is: Website. "Page title". Web. Date. <url>.
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Renfaire.com. "Elizabethan Oaths...". Web. 2 Aug 2010. <http://www.renfaire.com/Language/insults.html>.


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The instigators of this site began working at RPFN in Novato California in 1991. This website was first created in August of 1994, with many updates and changes along the way. The first version was proudly created with a 28.8 modem in mind: few graphics, no frames, no animations, no frills. Content over context. Later revisions have added frills, but while retaining an emphasis on content. Please let us know if you have feedback.


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