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Aaaaarrrrrr! Pirate Faires & Pirate Festivals combine Living History and Nautical History with a good dose of Fantasy. You'll find lots of Captains, not so many swabs. Events on water often have tall ships and cannon. There have always been a few pirates at any given Ren-Faire (Sir Francis Drake for example), but following the immense success of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, pirates appeared everywhere. It seems improbable that a rapacious scourge of scurvy-bent, lice-ridden swabs could become family-fun, but somehow Pirates have become rehabilitated. To discover why, break out your eyepatch, cutlass and peg-leg and ship out for some grog. If there isn't a Pirate Faire near you, many Ren-Faires have pirate-themed weekends.

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California Pirate Faires & Festivals
Big Bear Pirate Faire - Fawnskin (Jul)
Cutthroats of Corona Pyrates Festival - Corona (May)
Gold Coast Pirate Faire - Ventura (Sep)
Northern California Pirate Festival - Vallejo (Jun)
Queen Bess and the Pyrates - Fresno (May)
Seafarer's Marketplace and Pirates Festival - Sacramento (Sep)
Colorado Pirate Faires & Festivals
BrethrenCon 2010: A Pirate's Life For Me - Aurora (Sep)
Pagosa Renaissance & Pirate Festival - Pagosa Springs (Jul)
Florida Pirate Faires & Festivals
Gasparilla Pirate Fest - Tampa (Jan)
John Levique Pirate Days - Madeira Beach (May)
Pirates in Paradise Festival - Key West (Nov - Dec)
St. Augustine Pirate Gathering - St Augustine (Nov)
Georgia Pirate Faires & Festivals
Southern Pirate Festival - Columbus (Oct)
Tybee Island Pirate Fest - Tybee Island (Oct)
Maine Pirate Faires & Festivals
Eastport Pirate Festival - Eastport (Sep)
Maine Pirate Rendezvous - Damariscotta (Jun)
Michigan Pirate Faires & Festivals
Michigan Pirate Festival - Grand Haven (Aug)
Missouri Pirate Faires & Festivals
Barataria Faire - Springfield (Nov)
St Louis Pirate Festival - Wentzville (Sep)
Nebraska Pirate Faires & Festivals
Midlands Pirate Faire - Papillion (Sep)
New Jersey Pirate Faires & Festivals
New Jersey Renaissance Kingdom - Clinton (Jun)
New York Pirate Faires & Festivals
Bill Johnston Pirate Days - Alexandria Bay (Aug)
Captain Redbeard's Feast - Honeoye (Sep)
Oregon Pirate Faires & Festivals
Portland Pirate Festival - Portland (Sep)
Pennsylvania Pirate Faires & Festivals
Marcus Hook Pirate Festival - Marcus Hook (Sep)
Tennesee Pirate Faires & Festivals
Pyrate Fest - Memphis (Sep)
Texas Pirate Faires & Festivals
Middlefaire Texas Pirate Festival - Hillsboro (May)
Virginia Pirate Faires & Festivals
Blackbeard Pirate Festival - Hampton (Jun)
Wisconsin Pirate Faires & Festivals
Port Washington Pirate Festival - Port Washington (Jun)
Ontario Pirate Faires & Festivals
The Pirate Festival - Milton (Jul - Aug)

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