Eastport Pirate Festival
Recreating Pirates (circa 1700s) since 2005.

2010 Dates

2010-09-10 - 2010-09-12 Sep 10 thru Sep 12 
(Plus 9/4 in Lubec)
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The 3-day event has quickly grown into the largest Pirate Festival in Northern New England and the Canadian Maritimes. Last year over 8000 pirates from the USA, Canada and beyond of all ages, both male and female participated in this family event. Most of the events are free and friendly on your budget. The backdrop for the festivities is the beautiful island city of Eastport (population 1603). A Pirates Ball, Pirates Parade, Pirates Bed Race, Pirate Ship Race, Pirate Invasion of Lubec, Pirates Lobster Boat Race, Crowning of the King and Queen, Free music and entertainment, Kid's Pirates Breakfast, Cutlass and Canon Demonstrations, great food and vendors are just a small part of the offerings that happen all weekend. Everyone including pets are encouraged to dress and speak like a pirate.

New this year will be the first International (Pirate) Lobster Boat Race that will be open to fishermen from both the USA and Canada with a minimum $1000.00 prize. Lobster Boat Racing is big on the coast of Maine. The Eastport Pirate Festival Lobster Boat Race will not be sanctioned as part of the Maine circuit this year ... but could be in the future. Last year there were 8 sanctioned races from Boothbay Harbor to Stonington. The events draw thousands of residents and tourists.

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Eastport, Maine
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Eastport Weather

Ferry from Deer Island Point, New Brunswick to Eastport, Maine Running All Weekend

Faire Rules

Indoor/outdoor municipal event

Management Contact

Eastport Pirate Festival
42 Water Street
Eastport, ME 04631
Phone: 207-853-4343

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