Utah Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Recreating Renaissance (circa 1500s) since 1982.

2015 Dates

2015-07-08 - 2015-07-11 Jul 08 - Jul 11
(Wed - Sat)
10am - 8pm


All Ages FREE
Parking : FREE


Booths: 60
Stages: 2
Food: Y
Ale: ?
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On festival days in medieval times, vendors brought their wares, along with their families, in wooden carts to the base of the city's walls. They set up a temporary shelter where their families slept, ate and played. Guildsmen worked at their crafts whenever business was slack, and everyone sold hard, shouting their wares at passersby. Festival days were a joyous gathering of people, a bustling social event, full of colour, music, laughter, and endless commotion.
Come join the fun, games, crafts, entertainment, and excitement July 7th through July 10th, when Cedar City's Main Street Park will be transformed into a Renaissance Faire!

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Locate Utah Midsummer Renaissance Faire
Main Street Park
N Main Street
Cedar City, Utah


N Main Street by the Library.

Faire Rules


E: kedronvale@hotmail.com