Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

The shire of Mount Hope recreating Renaissance (circa 1563) since 1981.

2015 Dates

2015-08-01 - 2015-10-25 Aug 01 - Oct 25
(Plus Labor Day)
11am - 8pm


Adults : $31
Youth (5-11) : $12
Kids (0-4) : FREE
Parking : FREE


Booths: 130
Stages: 12
Food: Y
Ale: Y
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The year is 1589, and there is so much to celebrate! The long-feared Spanish Armada has just been crushed by the resilient English Navy. England is at the dawn of a Golden Age. And, best of all, the good Shire of Mt. Hope is having its 30th birthday! With so many reasons for revelry, everyone is gearing up to throw the most fantastical party that the Shire has e'er seen!
Good Queen Bess herself will, of course, be on hand to partake in the merriment, and she's brought some of the darlings of her court with her. Among them are England's two greatest heroes, Sir Francis Drake and Sir Walter Raleigh, who both were instrumental in the Armada's defeat.
And to make her own addition to the day's numerous festivities, Elizabeth has declared that the two men shall vie for the title of Queen's Favorite through a series of friendly competitions that include a Human Chess game and a magnificent Joust! Both Raleigh and Drake - whose longstanding, celebrated friendship is in no way diminished by their equally longstanding, celebrated rivalry - are most eager to compete for the favor of the Queen, and the large chest of Spanish gold that shall go to the victor!
There will be music! There will be laughter! There will be jesters and jugglers, pirates and parades, rogues and wenches, lords and ladies but to truly it make a perfect festival day, Mt. Hope wants you to come be a part of the greatest celebration the Shire has ever known!

40 acres of tree-lined streets lined with Tudor-style shops and the largest joust arena outside Europe.

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Locate Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire
Mount Hope Estate and Winery
2775 Lebanon Road
Manheim, Pennsylvania


2775 Lebanon Road, 90 minutes from Philadelphia between Lancaster and Hershey. Off SR-72 (Lebanon Road), Pennsylvania Turnpike (US-76) Exit 266.

Faire Rules

Firearms not permitted. Blades must be kept sheathed and peace-tied.
No outside food, but tailgating is ok.
No pets allowed.


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PO Box 685
Cornwall, PA 17016-0685
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