Oklahoma Renaissance Festival
The shire of Castleton recreating Renaissance (circa 1539) since 1996.

2011 Dates

2011-04-30 - 2011-05-30 Apr 30 thru May 30 
Plus Memorial Day.
10:30am - 6pm
Confirm Dates


Adults : 15.00
Students : 13.00
Seniors (55+) : 8.00
Youth (6-12) : 8.00
Kids (0-5) : FREE
Parking : FREE


Booths: 100
Stages: 13
Food: Y
Ale: Y

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Every Sat & Sun in May. Step back in time and enjoy the wonderment of a day in Renaissance England, right here in Oklahoma! Journey to an age of sorcerers, knights in shining armor, kings, queens, and maidens fair. Become mesmerized as magicians, jugglers, musicians, dancers, acrobats and jousters thrill and delight you. Quench your thirst and tantalize your taste buds with the wonderful varieties of drink and morsels found throughout Castleton. Stroll through the World Trade Market with over one hundred Artisans displaying 16th Century goods from around the world. Take the wee ones to the Children's Realm for games and hands-on demonstrations.

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The Castle of Muskogee
3400 Fern Mountain Road
Muskogee, Oklahoma
Locate Oklahoma Renaissance Festival

Muskogee Weather

3400 W Fern Mountain Road. 1 block W of Highway 69

Faire Rules

Firearms not permitted. Blades must be kept sheathed and peace-tied.
No pets.

Management Contact

The Castle of Muskogee
3400 Fern Mountain Road
Muskogee, OK 74401-5402
Phone: 918-687-3625
Alt Phone: 800-439-0658
Fax: 918-683-6750
Email: thecastle@thecastle.org
Vendors: Karen Cunningham
Performers: Jeffrey C. Hiller

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