Dickens Victorian Village

The shire of London recreating Dickens (circa 1550s) since 2006.

2015 Dates

2015-11-01 - 2016-01-02 Nov 01 - Jan 02


All Ages FREE
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The Dickens Victorian Village is a unique walking tour experience along historic Wheeling Avenue in downtown Cambridge, Ohio.
The classic Dickens-era scenes -- 74 in all! -- are comprised of nearly 150 life-like figures and are placed at each of the 40 historic lampposts and benches between 6th and 11th Streets on Wheeling Avenue, as well as in first- and second-story windows throughout Cambridge's downtown. In addition, Dickens figures "stroll" around the Courthouse lawn. The scenes enhance Cambridge's outstanding 1800s architecture, eclectic shopping, charming streetscape, and eateries.

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Wheeling Ave
Cambridge, Ohio


The Dickens Victorian Village display is on Wheeling Avenue, the section of the National Road in historic downtown Cambridge.

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Dickens Victorian Village
PO Box 92
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