Barataria Faire

Recreating Pirates since 2010.

2011 Dates

2011-11-12 - 2011-11-13 Nov 12 - Nov 13
10am - 6pm


Adults : $10
Youth (4-12) : $5
Kids (0-3) : FREE
Parking : ?


Booths: 20
Stages: ?
Food: ?
Ale: ?
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Come and frolic in the revelry that only pirates and faeries can create. Herein lies the account of the curious and perilous journey that brought us to this strange place. Along the way, we were influenced by all manner of foul magicks and ill portents. I have often feared that, in the days since our journey began, I had angered some long forgotten god of the sea, or tread wrongly upon the lair of some foul beast which, in turn, laid a curse upon my ship, my crew, and I. But whether I be cursed, or whether I merely suffer ill from the chances blown upon the winds of fate, I may never know.

After the Faire there will be a Pirate Pub crawl at starting at 9pm and going until last call. Many of the downtown pubs and clubs have lives music and plenty of food. Tickets for the Pirate Pub Crawl will be $15.

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Ozark Empire Fair Grounds
3001 North Grant Avenue
Springfield, Missouri

Faire Rules

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