Minnesota Renaissance Festival
Recreating Renaissance (circa 1586-1600) since 1969.

2011 Dates

2011-08-20 - 2011-10-02 Aug 20 thru Oct 02 
(Plus Labor Day)
9am - 7pm
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Adults : 21.00
Seniors (60+) : 19.00
Youth (5-12) : 12.00
Kids (0-4) : FREE
Parking : FREE


Booths: 190
Stages: 15
Food: Y
Ale: Y

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Just 3 miles from Shakopee is a place that will transport you back 600 years, to a time of kingdoms and castles. The Minnesota Renaissance Festival is a medieval village complete with royal court, peasants, jesters, knights-in-armor, and ladies-in-waiting. Each weekend from mid-August to late September, the Renaissance Festival takes on a new theme. One weekend may feature the mystery and romance of the"Mid-East Mirage", the next weekend may be filled with the lilting music and spirited dance of the"Highland Fling". Theme-related events and demonstrations take place throughout the kingdom, such as belly-dancing and beer-tastings. The Renaissance Festival will also delight you with lively shows of magic, juggling, and comedy on its eleven stages. DonĂt miss the jousting matches, an incredible sport in which noble knights on horses seek to best one another with their lances. If youĂre fortunate, you may even witness the royal coronation! Children also have a kingdom of their very own. The ChildrenĂs Realm features human-powered rides, a petting zoo and games. There are dozens of shops in the village, each offering magnificent wares. Browse the village for jewelry, medieval swords and shields, hand-made candles, and other unique items. Watch artisans such as armor-makers demonstrate the process of their craft before your very eyes! Make sure to stop for refreshments while taking in activities on the stages and in the village. The Renaissance Festival has hundreds of food vendors preparing marvelous treats, from the famous turkey legs to the unusual Scotch eggs. Feast on whatever fits your fancy. The magic of the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is sure to enchant all!

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12364 Chestnut Blvd
Shakopee, Minnesota
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Faire Rules

Firearms not permitted. Blades must be kept sheathed and peace-tied.
No outside food.
Pets ok, but see website.
Same day reentry with hand stamp.

Management Contact

Mid-America Festivals
1244 Canterbury Road Suite 306
Shakopee, MN 55379-8944
Phone: 952-445-7361
Fax: 952-445-7380
Email: info@renaissancefest.com

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