Quad Cities Celtic Festival and Highland Games
Recreating Highland Games since 2009.

2010 Dates

2010-09-18 - 2010-09-18 Sep 18
9am - 5pm
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All Ages FREE
Parking : FREE


Booths: ?
Stages: ?
Food: Y
Ale: Y

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Travel without a passport! You can see the best parts of Scotland, Ireland and other Celtic nations right in your own backyard! Now located along the Mississippi River front in downtown Davenport, the Celtic Fest and Highland Games is a quick drive - and you won't need a passport to experience Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Cornish and other Celtic cultures!No kilt required - but if you've got one, feel free to wear it!

Regular admission to daytime events is free. Admission to the evening Ceilidh at 6pm is $5.

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Centennial Park
315 S Marquette Street
Davenport, Iowa
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Davenport Weather

Faire Rules

Kilts encouraged.
Weapons must be peace-tied.

Management Contact

Celtic Highland Games of the Quad Cities
P.O. Box 3201
Rock Island, IL 61204-3201
Phone: 309-794-0449
Email: infocelt@celtichighlandgames.org
Vendors: mldrcd@mchsi.com

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