ISD Renaissance Festival

The shire of Shire of Dundee recreating Elizabethan (circa 1583) since 2005.

2007 Dates

2007-06-09 - 2007-06-09 Jun 09
10am - 7pm


Adults : $12
Youth (5-12) : $8
Kids (0-4) : FREE
Parking : FREE


Booths: 20
Stages: 4
Food: Y
Ale: N
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The Queen of England, Elizabeth Tudor, is on progress searching throughout the realm for a champion. This champion must embody all of the chivalric ideas, honesty, bravery, courage, wit, honor and intellect. All subjects may try, from the highest born lord to the lowest base peasant, to win the right to be the Champion of England. Many small contests will pit the contestants against each other testing both their skill and wits. The main contest will be a human chess match where living chess pieces battle for each square and have the chance to oust their competitors. All must do their best to impress the Queen for she alone will be the finale judge; in this Tournament of Champions.

This is a fund raising event for the International School at Dundee, a Greenwich public magnet school. Sponsored by the International School at Dundee PTA. All children's tickets receive $2.00 in game tokens

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Locate ISD Renaissance Festival
The International School of Dundee
55 Florence Road
Riverside, Connecticut


International School of Dundee, 55 Florence Road, 1/8 mile N of Bonwit Road.

Faire Rules

No weapons.
No alcohol sold or permitted.
No pets.


Chris Harris, International School of Dundee PTA
55 Florence Road
Riverside, CT 06878-1211
P: 203-637-0295
F: 203-637-0295
E: Chris Harris (