Northern California Renaissance Faire
The shire of Willingtown recreating Elizabethan Market Faire (circa 1570s) since 2003.

2010 Dates

2010-09-18 - 2010-10-17 Sep 18 thru Oct 17 
10am - 6pm
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Adults : 25.00
Kids (0-12) : FREE
Parking : FREE


Booths: 145
Stages: 6
Food: Y
Ale: Y

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Play Faire Productions is proud to announce we will return to our lovely English Village for our Harvest-time Marketplace Faire. We'll step back once more to the romantic and bawdy days of the Renaissance. We welcome back our beloved Queen Elizabeth I and her noble court. As the exotic Traders Market pays visits to our little shire, we will welcome more international and intriguing characters. When this exotic Market comes to call on our small village, who knows what mysteries they hold in store to share with us? Visitors will find a colorful reception in our tireless Mongers, our relentless Puritans, our colorful Fools, our crooked Constables, and our beloved peasants. St Cuthbert's will awaken the streets once again with lively pageantry and colorful parades. Bring your tankard and plan on staying all day. Ale will be cold, Belles will be beautiful and bawdy, swashbuckling swordfighters will be dashing and daring. Heroic Knights in armor will awaken the arena with full contact jousting while jugglers and jesters bring mirth to the stages.

Camping through Casa de Fruta's campground at 408-842-9316

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Casa De Fruita
10021 Pacheco Pass Highway
Hollister, California
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Hollister Weather

Casa de Fruta, 10021 Pacheco Pass Highway, 2 miles NE of the junction of Highway 152 and Highway 156. Easily accessible from Interstate 5 or Highway 101.

Faire Rules

Firearms not permitted. Blades must be kept sheathed and peace-tied.
No outside alcohol.
Picnicing ok.
No pets.

Management Contact

Play Faire Productions, Inc.
201-A McCray Street, PMB247
Hollister, CA 95023-4094
Phone: 408-847-3247
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