Folsom Renaissance Faire
The shire of Newcastle Upon Tyne recreating Elizabethan (circa 1560) since 1992.

2010 Dates

2010-10-16 - 2010-10-17 Oct 16 thru Oct 17 
10am - 6pm
10am - 5pm (Sunday)
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Adults : 14.00
Students : 9.00
Seniors (65+) : 9.00
Youth (6-12) : 9.00
Kids (0-5) : FREE
Parking : 5.00


Booths: 75
Stages: 3
Food: Y
Ale: Y

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The rising young star of London's theatre scene, Will Shakespeare, faces a scourge like no other: a paralyzing bout of writer’s block while the great Elizabethan age of entertainment unfolds around him. Will is without inspiration on material. What Will needs is a muse–and in an extraordinary town whilst on progress with Her Most Royal Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, he finds himself surrounded by numerous quirky characters who draw him into an amazing, dramatic adventure of action and love. Their stories make their way into his plays and into our hearts. The theme of the Faire is Shakespeare's Muse.

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Folsom City Lions Park
Stafford Street at Natoma Street
Folsom, California
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Folsom Weather

Folsom City Lions Park, Natoma and Stafford Streets.

Faire Rules

Firearms not permitted. Blades must be kept sheathed and peace-tied.
No outside food.
No pets.

Management Contact

Renaissance Productions
116 Dorado Terrace
San Francisco, CA 94112
Phone: 415-354-1773
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