Fair Oaks Tudor Fayre
Recreating Renaissance since 1986.

2011 Dates

2011-06-25 - 2011-06-26 Jun 25 thru Jun 26 
10am - 6pm
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Adults : 12.00
Seniors (65) : 6.00
Youth (4-12) : 6.00
Kids (1-3) : FREE
Parking : ?


Booths: ?
Stages: 4
Food: Y
Ale: Y

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25th Annual Fair Oaks Renaissance Tudor Fayre

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Fair Oaks Park
Temple Park Rd
Fair Oaks, California
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Fair Oaks Weather

The Fair Oaks Renaissance Tudor Fayre is located on Temple Park Rd. in the city of Fair Oaks, within the Fair Oaks Park, next to the library. Free shuttle.

Faire Rules

Firearms not permitted. Blades must be kept sheathed and peace-tied.

Management Contact

Pirate Productions
8106 Otium Way
Antelope, CA 95843
Phone: 916-726-4952
Email: Raelynn@pirateproductions.com

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