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Joining a guild can be as daunting as finding a new job, and indeed it should be viewed with a similar commitment. If you know you want to work in a guild and you're not very familiar with faire, the parades and pagents guild, St. Cuthberts, is a great choice. Under the tutelage of Mother Sue, you'll gain your walking legs and learn every inch of the faire -- the hard way.

Once you've seen some of the faire, you might realize your true calling is to be a singing Seadog, or an offal offering Monger, or (heavens) a bible toting Puritan. Check the list of guilds and if you find one that particularly appeals to you, check the Geek List for someone in that guild and ask them about working. If nothing else they can fill you in on what the guild does during the day.

Looking for more info? Try this:
In article <3qthjf$>, (Sarah Dealy) wrote:

> Hail and well met! I'm new to the group, but I've been working at the
> Sticky Bun Booth at the Novato faire for 3 years. I've always wanted to be
> more involved in the faire, and I would like to join a guild, but I have
> no idea how.  Is there an age limit on guilds? (I'm sixteen) Is there any
> way that you can be in a guild and still work at the faire at the same time?
>   Any help is greatly appriciated!
>              Sarah
Hi Sarah,

Maybe I can give you a hand.

Each guild auditions new members in different ways. Some guilds don't required 'auditions' at all. Things are in flux a RPFI now. From what I've heard, to this moment, there are no major changes from last year in the size or number of guilds at Northern. This may change. There have been many changes at Southern faire. I can't comment on this because the people I know haven't had a real problem with the new setup. Your best bet is to call the Performing Arts Department and get the telephone number of the guild master of the guild or guilds you may want to try out for membership and see their status. PAD can also help you with dates and requirements.

Age is important and may require a parents signature; again ask PAD. We have folks under 21 in our guild but I don't know how far under. You work there already, that may help you.

Most, if not all, guilds require a LOT of participation in faire activities and therefore can't allow guild members to be boothies at the same time. I don't know all the guild's requirements but the ones I do know don't tolerate booth employment. There are some acting troupes that pay but they are usually very selective on who they employee.

I've been attending and/or participating at RPFN for over twenty years. Being a guild member is a LOT of fun. It is also a LOT of work, sacrifice, time and attention; some guilds more than others. If done right (and it should be) what comes out of your participation in ren faires is a wealth of experience you can never get anywhere else.

This isn't a recuitment for guild members. It's usually difficult to find a guild home unless you show real ambition. Guild masters don't want members just looking for an easy way to get gate listed. If you don't fit in you won't last long. Don't expect any money and you won't be disappointed. Very few people make enough money to live on at faire as guild members but it's one hell of a place to get acting experience, from some of the best improv people around. And most of the people you meet are friendly, helpful and informative.

Hope this helped.

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