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here's the press release that Catherine Zepeda posted yesterday to alt.fairs.renassaince:
This is the press release from Renaissance Entertainment Corporation regarding the 32nd annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Novato, California:

"Drums roll! Trumpets blare! The Renaissance Pleasure Faire is set to stage a glorious grand finale at its long time home in Black Point, Novato, Marin County, this summer.

Producers of the 32nd annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire are delighted to announce a bonus 1998 season at the popular 100 are Black Point site off Highway 37 in Novato.

"We plan to celebrate the Faire's own rich history in Northern California, with one last season of spectacular entertainment at Black Point," said the General Manager of the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, J. Stanley Gilbert.

"We'll be opening earlier than usual, with a seven weekend run from July 25 through Labor Day (Monday, September 7)," said Gilbert, who considers arrangement with property owners a welcome respite in his on-going search for a new Northern California Faire site.

The Renaissance Pleasure Faire traditionally attracts over 200,000 visitors annually to its internationally acclaimed re-creation of an Elizabethan country Faire.

Two thousand costumed performers provide the world's largest theatrical cast, entertaining fairegoers from seven open-air stages amidst a bustling village marketplace stretching a mile-and-a-half long.

"This event has provided the Bay Area with enormous entertainment value over the past 32 years," said Artistic Director Rikki Kipple. "The exceptional cultural and educational aspects of the Faire have been a great source of pride for those of us who produce this annual event. We will cherish this final summer of celebration at Black Point."

For more information on the final Faire at Black Point, call 1 800 52-FAIRE.

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