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Sent: Wednesday, October 29, 1997 3:01 PM
Subject: Big news about Southern...

Hello to the Guild of St. Ives from Richard Foss,

I just spoke to Gerald Zepeda, who confirmed rumors that the Faire has negotiated a long term lease at the Glen Helen site. They will have year-round access control, which means we can build permanent structures, landscape guild areas, et cetera.

Ives will almost certainly move, as the whole Faire is being replanned and the crossroads where we have been will not exist. The plan is to put all the permanent structures toward the front of the Faire in the "village" area, with a "countryside" area at the back of the Faire for non- permanent structures. The REC will have a year-round lease only on the village area, and will use the countryside area only during the season.

The Shepherd's Meadow area will be lost, but other space we haven't had before will become available.

This situation obviously gives us both opportunities and headaches; we will be able to install plumbing and wiring and leave it there, and in subsequent years we will not have the building hassle and expense, so we will be able to concentrate on our theatrical skills earlier. We may even have a few weekends of access this year before workshops start during which we could build, which would make our lives much easier.

On the other hand, we may face more rigid enforcement of building codes, and increased first-year spending due to the necessity of building more solidly. As we have no idea as yet what kind of space we will have, it will be very hard to plan our site now. Still, we can start thinking about what we might do. The REC will have more information in about two weeks- more updates as they become available. I hope to be able to give you more information at our next guild meeting in November.

Fare thee well until then,
Richard Foss