News: 1999-09.06-VacaLetter

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D: Sept 6, 1999
C: (c) 1999 Vacaville Reporter

Vacaville has scored a coup with the Renaissance Pleasure Faire. With all the negative things that I heard, I had to see it for myself. I have nothing but great things to say about it.

I was met with courteous costumed royalty and peasantry. The merchants greeted me with "May I help, milady?" They went out of their way to make you feel like someone special. Why, even Queen Elizabeth spoke to me, which was the highlight of my day. I saw the women at the village well, washing their clothes, while the children played tag and splashed each other with buckets of water. I saw the falconers parading their birds of prey, anxious to show them off to whomever was brave enough to come closer. I saw merchants walk through the village streets showing off their fresh squid, fish and even a pig's head. I saw nothing bawdy happening. Of course there was plenty of cleavage, but nothing was in bad taste. Why we see more walking down the street these days.

It was just plain wonderful. It was as if you were walking through a play, while the play happened all around you. Even as you passed either royalty or peasant, the conversation was scripted. It was a glorious experience, and everyone should see it for himself. The costuming was outstanding. The Faire players put on an unforgettable experience, and of course, I took lots of photos. The entire atmosphere of the Faire was to please all Fairegoers and they did that, I can assure you.

The food vendors had reasonable prices. The games of chance were a lot of fun. There was ample shade and places to sit and most important there were plenty of "privies" to go around.

Judy Rex - Vacaville