News: 1999-04.01-Antioch

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From: Name Withheld By Request
Date: Thu, 1 Apr 1999 13:28:26 -0800
Subject: Proposed Faire site pictures: Higgens Ranch, Antioch

ALL- Here is a picture of Higgens Ranch in Antioch. The quality of the picture is not the best. But we couldn't get very close and it was an overcast day.


The small road that you see is actually the private drive that leads to the ranch houses. The hills behind are very common for that part of Contra Costa County, rolling hills dotted with stands of oak. I am not sure what type of oak they are, they are generally about 50-60' tall with the lowest branches of the canopy nearly touching the ground at the edges. There is plenty of room beneath the branches for children to play... But from what we saw, there doesn't seem to many that adults could comfortably walk under. This may be different for the area further away from the main road. The property is surrounded by ranches.. lots of cattle and some of them noisy and to pleased with life.

I hope that this will give you all at least a mental image of the proposed area for our new home.

I hope that this info finds everyone well. Please feel free to forward this to anyone you think may be interested in the picture.