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A good source for costuming information is the SCA, Society of Creative Anachronism. The avowed purpose of the SCA is the study and recreation of the European Middle Ages, its crafts, sciences, arts, traditions, literature, etc. The SCA "period" is defined to be 600 AD to 1600 AD, concentrating on the Western European High Middle Ages.

You can find SCA members in the newsgroup If you post there, be sure to mention your city and state so that those who respond can suggest local SCA groups and sources. I believe that SCA has several phamplets or publications specifically on costuming (aka "garb"). If you wish to contact the SCA national headquarters you can write to:

          The Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc.
          Office of the Registry
          P.O. Box 360743
          Milpitas, CA 95036-0743

Be sure to check the list of sources and references in the regular alt.sewing and rec.crafts.textiles FAQ. A number are appropriate for costuming.

Patterns and Supplies

Fall Creek Suttlery             Civil War era items and patterns
P.O. Box 530
Freedom, CA 95019               (408) 728-1888
$2.00 Catalog

La Pelleterie                   Coats and cloaks, pre 1840
P.O. Box 127 Highway 41
Arrow Rock, Missouri 65320      (816) 837-3261
$3.00 Catalog

NE Shutsa Traders               Cal/Mex era and horsegear
P.O. Box 186
Haven, Kansas 67542             (316) 465-3359
$1.50 Catalog

JAS Townsend & Son              Hats, cloaks, clasps
P.O. Box 415
Pierceton, IN 46562             (800) 338-1665

Campell's Designs               $3.00 Catalog
RD 1 Box 1444
Dept SNN
Herndon, PA 17830

Note: in July 1991 Sew News the address is listed as:
        Box 400
        Gratz, PA
        patterns from 1776-1945

Carolina Stitches in Time       Period clothing Patterns
Box 10933
Winston-Salem, N.C. 27108       (919) 764-0790

Amazon Vinegar & Pickling Works         This is "The mailing list to be on"
2218 E. 11th St.
Davenport, IA 52803             (319) 322-6800
$2.00 Catalog                   (309) 786-3504

Past Patterns
P.O. Box 7587
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49510    (616) 245-9456

Mediaeval Miscellanea,          (patterns)
7006 Raleigh Road
Annandale, VA 22003

The Taunton Press
63 South Main St, Box 5506
Newtown, CT 06470-5506
Only some of the original patterns have been reprinted, but Tauton is
reprinting others regularly.  Mostly Victorian and Early American patterns.

G-Street Fabrics                (patterns)
11854 Rockville Pike
Rockville, Md 20852             (301) 231-8998

Fair Winds Pattern Co.          Send $1 for brouchure.
819 N. June St.
Hollywood, CA 90038.

Box 668
Mendocino, CA 95460.
1990-91 catalog has 1000 items, $2.50/cataog.
books, magazines and reprints.  Books related to the costume and textile
arts, including out of print and hard to find books.   Shep has also reprinted
a number of older clothing books, including a couple of books of patterns for
Victorian and Edwardian clothing.

3345 East Miraloma
Suite 134
Anaheim CA 92806
Patters from 1100-1950 representing 15 pattern companies. Catalog $5
(refundable with purchase) (Ad in Sew News Oct 1990)

The Cabinet of Vintage Patterns
3522 Deerbrook
Windsor Ontario N8R 2E9
Patterns 1905-1930, reproductions of women's and children's clothing.
Catalog $4. (Ad Sew News Oct 1990)

Old World Enterprises
Dept 302
29036 Kepler Ct
Cold Spring Minn 56320
19th century patterns, $2 for catalog.  (Add in Sew News July 1991)

Prairie Clothing Co
3732 Tanager Drive NE
Cedar Rapids IA 52402
Remember When Collection
361 N. Ohio
Salina, KS  67401
- Send SASE for brochure.  "Romantic" clothing.  Current designs
adapted to a Victorian feel.


Vintage Fashions
Hobby House Press Inc.
900 Frederick St.
Cumberland, MD  21502
-- a bi-monthly magazine focusing on vintage apparel and
instructions for their care and repair.  One-year subscription
$19.95, sample copy $2.95.


 1. Brooke, Iris.
      English costume from the fourteenth through the nineteenth century, drawn
    by Iris Brooke, described by Iris Brooke and James Laver.  New York, The
    Macmillan Company, 1937.
        UCB   EnvDesign GT733 .B7
        UCB   Main      GT733 .B7

  >   English costume in the age of Elizabeth, the sixteenth century, drawn and
    described by Iris Brooke.  [2d ed.].  [London], A. & C. Black [1950].
        UCB   Main      GT734 .B75 1950

  >   English costume of the early middle ages; the tenth to the thirteenth
    centuries; drawn and described by Iris Brooke.  London, A. & C. Black,
    Ltd., 1936.
        UCB   Main      GT732 .B68
        UCB   Moffitt   GT732 .B68

  >   English costume of the later middle ages: the fourteenth and fifteenth
    centuries. / Drawn and described by Iris Brooke.  London : Adam & Charles
    Black, 1963, c1935.
        UCSD  Central   GT732 .B7 1963

  >   English costume of the seventeenth century, drawn and described by Iris
    Brooke.  2d ed.  London, A. and C. Black 1958.
        UCSC  McHenry   GT735.B7 1958

  >   Footwear: a short history of European and American shoes.  New York,
    Theatre Arts Books [1972, c1971].
        UCD   Main Lib  GT2130.B7

  >   Four walls adorned; interior decoration, 1485-1820.  London, Methuen
        UCB   EnvDesign NK2119 .B76

  >   A history of English costume, written and illustrated by Iris Brooke.  3d
    ed.  London, Methuen 1961.
        UCSC  McHenry   GT730.B7 1961

  >   Medieval theatre costume: a practical guide to the construction of
    garments.  New York, Theatre Arts Books [1967].
        UCSC  McHenry   PN2067 .B75
2. Alcega, Juan de.
     Tailor's pattern book 1589 : facsimile / Juan de Alcega ; with translation
     by Jean Pain & Cecilia Bainton ; introduction and notes by J.L. Nevinson.
     Carlton, Bedford : Ruth Bean, 1979.
       UCSC  McHenry   TT590.A35 1979b
3. Burnham, Dorothy K.
     Cut my cote [by] Dorothy K. Burnham.  Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum
       UCSC  McHenry   TT520.B95
4. Hill, Margot Hamilton.
     The evolution of fashion: pattern and cut from 1066 to 1930, [by] Margot
     Hamilton Hill [and] Peter A. Bucknell.  New York, Drama Book Specialists,
     1968, c1967.
       UCSC  McHenry   GT510.H5 1968 Oversize
5. Beaulieu, Michele.
      Le costume antique et medieval / par Michele Beaulieu.  Paris : Presses
      universitaires de France, 1951.
      Series title:  "Que sais-je?" Le point des connaissance actuelles 501.
        UCSC  McHenry   GT530.B4 1961

6. Cunnington, Phillis Emily, 1887-
      Medieval and Tudor costume / Phillis Cunnington.  Boston : Plays, Inc.,
        UCSC  McHenry   GT732 .C85 1972

7. Houston, Mary Galway, 1871-
      Medieval costume in England & France, the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries /
      by Mary G. Houston ... with eight plates in colour and three hundred and
      fifty drawings in black and white.  London : A. & C. Black, [1950].
      Series title:  Houston, Mary Galway, 1871- A technical history of
      costume, vol.3.
        UCSB  Library   GT575 .H65

8. Hunt, John, 1900-
      Irish medieval figure sculpture, 1200-1600 : a study of Irish tombs with
      notes on costume and armour / John Hunt, with assistance and contributions
      from Peter Harbison ; with photos. by David H. Davison.  Dublin : Irish
      University Press, [1974].
        UCB   Main      NB1820 .H861 1974

9. Luthmer, Ferdinand.
      Ornamental jewellery of the renaissance in relation to costume. Designed
      from original gems and authentic paintings of the fifteenth, sixteenth &
      seventeenth centuries, thirtyy highly-finished engravings...  Lond., H.
      Sotheran & co., 1882.
        CSL   Main Lib  f 391.7 L9 General Coll

10. Quaritch, Bernard, 1819-1899.
      A catalogue of medieval literature, especially of the romances of
      chivalry, and books relating to the customs, costume, art, and pageantry
      of the middle ages.  London, B. Quaritch, 1890.
        UCSB  Library   Z999 .Q3

11. Wagner, Eduard, major.
      Medieval costume, armour and weapons, 1350-1450. Selected and illustrated
      by Eduard Wagner. Text by Zoroslava Drobna & Jan Durdik. Translated by
      Jean Layton.  London, P. Hamlyn [1962, c1958].
        UCB   Main      f GT575 .W2931 1962
12. Hillhouse, Marion Strong.
      Dress design : draping and flat pattern making / Marion S. Hillhouse
      [and] Evelyn A. Mansfield.  Boston : Houghton Mifflin, c1948.
      Series title:  Riverside home economics series.
        UCD   Main Lib  TT520.H5
13. Arnold, Janet.
     Patterns of fashion : Englishwomen's dresses & their construction /
     written and illustrated by Janet Arnold.  New ed.  London, Macmillan; New
     York, Drama Book 1977.
       UCLA  URL       TT 504 A7 1977

  >  Patterns of fashion : the cut and construction of clothes for men and
     women, c1560-1620 / written and illustrated by Janet Arnold.  London :
     Macmillan ; New York : Drama Book, 1985.
       UCSC  McHenry   TT504.6.G7 A76 1985

14. Fernald, Mary.
     Costume design & making: a practical handbook, by Mary Fernald in
     collaboration with Eileen Shenton.  [2d ed.].  New York, Theatre Arts Books
       UCI   Main Lib  PN2067 .F4 1967

15. Holkeboer, Katherine Strand.
     Patterns for theatrical costumes : garments, trims, and accessories from
     ancient Egypt to 1915 / Katherine Strand Holkeboer.  Englewood Cliffs, N.J.
     : Prentice-Hall, c1984.
       UCSC  McHenry   TT633 .H65 1984 Ref
16. Geen, Michael.
     Theatrical costume and the amateur stage; a book of simple method in the
     making and altering of theatrical costumes, including a brief guide to
     costumes through the periods to the present day. Drawings by...  Boston,
     Plays, inc. [1972, c1968].
       UCSD  Central   GT1741 .G4 1968b

17. Barton, Lucy.
      Period patterns / by Doris Edson, with text by Lucy Barton.  Boston :
      Walter H. Baker company, 1970, c1942.
        UCSC  McHenry   PN2067.B3 1970 Suppl.

  >   Historic costume for the stage / by Lucy Barton ; illustrated by David
      Sarvis.  Boston : W. H. Baker, [1961], c1935.
        UCSC  McHenry   PN2067.B3 1961

18. Edson, Doris.
      Period patterns / by Doris Edson, with text by Lucy Barton.  Boston : W.
      H. Baker, 1942, 1970 printing.
        UCI   Main Lib  PN2067 .E3

19. Hunnisett, Jean.
      Period costume for stage & screen : patterns for women's dress 1800-1909
      / Jean Hunnisett.  London : Unwin Hyman, 1988.
        UCSC  McHenry   PN2067.H862 1988
20. Ashelford, Jane.
      A visual history of costume : the sixteenth century / by Jane Ashelford.
      London : Batsford ; New York : Drama Book Publishers, 1983.
      Series title:  Visual history of costume ; [2].
        UCSB  Library   GT733 .V57 1983 v.2

21. Boucher, Francois, b. 1885.
      20,000 years of fashion; the history of costume and personal adornment
      [by] Francois Boucher.  New York, H. N. Abrams [1967].
        UCB   Main      GT510 .B6713 1967

22. Bruhn, Wolfgang.
      A pictorial history of costume; a survey of all periods and peoples from
      antiquity to modern times including national costume in Europe and
      non-European countries [by] Wolfgang Bruhn [and] Max Tilke.  London, A.
      Zwemmer [1955].
        UCSC  McHenry   GT513 .B763 1955 Oversize

23. Cooke, Patricia Gerrard.
      English costume: its history and its design.  Liverpool, Gallery P.,
      Series title:  Gallery book.
        UCSB  Library   GT730 .C57

24. Colle, Doriece.
      Collars, stocks, cravats; a history and costume dating guide to civilian
      men's neckpieces, 1655-1900, with illus. by the author.  Emmaus, Pa.,
      Rodale Press [1972].
        UCD   Main Lib  GT2120 .C6

25. Cumming, Valerie.
      Exploring costume history, 1500-1900 / Valerie Cumming.  London :
      Batsford Academic and Educational, 1981.
        UCB   Main      GT733 .C76

  >   A visual history of costume : the seventeenth century / Valerie Cumming.
      London : B.T. Batsford ; New York : Drama Book Publishers, c1984.
      Series title:  Visual history of costume ; [3].
        UCSB  Library   GT733 .V57 1983 v.3

26. Dunbar, John Telfer, 1912-
      History of Highland dress, a definitive study of the history of Scottish
      costume and tartan, both civil and military, including weapons. With an
      appendix on early Scottish dyes by Annette Kok.  Edinburgh, Oliver & Boyd
        UCSC  McHenry   GT750.D8

27. Fairholt, Frederick William, 1814-1866.
      Costume in England, A history of dress from the earliest period until the
      close of the eighteenth century, to which is appended an illustrated
      glossary of terms for all articles of use or ornament worn about...
      London, Chapman and Hall, 1860.
        UCD   Main Lib  GT730 .F3 1860

28. Giles, Edward B. (Edward Boyer), d. 1896.
      The art of cutting and history of English costume / by Edward B. Giles.
      New ed.  Lopez Island [Wash.] : R.L. Shep, c1987.
        UCSC  McHenry   TT580 .G55 1987

29. Payne, Blanche, 1897-1972.
      History of costume, from the ancient Egyptians to the twentieth century.
      Drawings by Elizabeth Curtis.  New York, Harper & Row [1965].
        UCSC  McHenry   GT510.P35

30. Peacock, John.
      Costume, 1066-1966 / John Peacock.  New York, N.Y. : Thames and Hudson,
        UCSC  McHenry   GT730 .P43 1986

31. Racinet, A. (Auguste), 1825-1893.
      Racinet's full-color pictorial history of western costume : with 92
      plates showing over 950 authentic costumes from the Middle Ages to 1800 /
      Auguste Racinet.  New York : Dover Publications, 1987.
        UCD   Main Lib  GT575 .R332513 1987

32. Rubens, Alfred, 1903-
      A history of Jewish costume. Foreword by James Laver.  New York, Funk &
      Wagnalls [1967].
        UCSC  McHenry   GT540.R73
33. Strong, Roy C.
      Festival designs by Inigo Jones : an exhibition of drawings for scenery
      and costumes for the court masques of James I and Charles I / introduction
      and catalogue by Roy Strong ; foreword by Thomas S. Wragg ; circulated...
      [Washington? : The Foundation?, 1967?].
      Series title:  Art exhibition catalogues republished on microfiche ;
        UCB   EnvDesign MICROFICHE 3129:18

34. Ingham, Rosemary.
     The costume designer's handbook : a complete guide for amateur and
     professional costume designers / Rosemary Ingham, Liz Covey.  Englewood
     Cliffs, N.J. : Prentice-Hall, c1983.
       UCSC  McHenry   TT507 .I46 1983

35. Waugh, Norah.
      Corsets and crinolines.  [New York] Theatre Arts Books [c1954].
        UCSC  McHenry   GT2075.W3

   >  The cut of men's clothes, 1600-1900.  London, Faber, [c1964].
        UCSC  McHenry   TT504.W38 1964a

   >  The cut of women's clothes 1600-1930 [by] Norah Waugh; [completed and]
      with line diagrams by Margaret Woodward.  London, Faber, 1968.
        UCSC  McHenry   TT504.W385 1969


Dover has a Pictorial Archive catalog and a Needlework catalog. The Needlework catalog includes several books that discuss Renaissance embroidery. The Pictorial Archive catalog has a FEW books that cover costumes. Typically these are books that contain pictures of people in costume. There are few (none?) books with actual costumes drafted.
Dover Publications
31 East 2nd St
Mineola, NY 11501.
The whole costumer's catalog is probably available from:
GCFCG (Greater Columbia Fantasy Costumers guild).
P.O. Box 194
Mt. Airy, Md 21771

More mailing lists

The following is from Dave Uebele (daveu@sco.COM) or (uunet!sco!daveu): Contacts from 3rd U.S. Artillery newsletter "The Cannon's Mouth", NCWA Sorry its sketchy, but this is what it included that seemed helpful.
Abraham Lincoln Book Shop       (312) 944-3085
Alabam Trust CSN & Marine       011-44-273-400-508      UK Reinactment
Artillery Shop, The             (601) 323-2606          Gear Equipment
Artilleryman, The Magazine      (617) 646-2010
Bean, LL                                                Best Long Johns
Border States Leatherworks      (501) 361-2642          Saddles, harness
Bounty Arts                     011-44-8043-3900        Brass Lanterns
Coonie's Inc                    (505) 393-0166          Black Powder Supplies
Cumberland General Store        (800) 334-4640
Fulks, Chuck & Anita            (408) 728-1888          Fall Creek Sutlery
Jarnigan, C & D                 (601) 287-4971          Large Sutlers
Old Suttler John                (607) 775-4434          Sutler
Past Patterns                   (616) 245-9456          Period Patterns
Paulson Brothers Ordnance       (715) 263-2112          Ammo, Iron, Cartridges
Prussian Press                  (614) 654-3630          Pamphlets/Periodicals
Quartermaster Depot             (516) 472-3505          ACW Boxes and Cr
Quartermaster Shop              (313) 987-4127          Uniforms ACW
Regimental Quartermaster        (215) 672-6891          Sights, etc
Steele's Muzzleloading Supply   (501) 778-4459          Powder

Other places for misc items to round a historic costume.
Old West Outfitters             They mostly sell finished items,
7213 East First Avenue          Might be good if looking for belts, spurs
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251       or ideas. Lots of hats (expensive).
(800) 447-5277                  They seem pricey to me, no idea on quality

Leather working

Here is alternate source to Tandy Leather for leather working supplies. I think their quality is better, and I have been quite impresssed with how quickly they proccess orders. They have a western bias (lots of saddles and cowboy type information).
The Leather Factory
Fort Worth Texas
Several Nationwide Toll free numbers, By state:
Arizona         In AZ - (800) 432-7732 :Out of AZ - (800) 332-2203
Califoriana     (800) 999-7371
Colorado        (800) 525-8134
Iowa            (800) 247-5566
Missouri        (800) 888-1993
New Mexico      (800) 327-6606
Pennsylvania    (800) 233-7155
Tennessee       (800) 251-7782
Texas           (800) 433-3201
Utah            (800) 448-9250
Washington      (800) 822-8437 Costumes Acting Language RPFI History
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