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Title: Gossip (Old and New)
Author: Various Sources.
Disclaimer: GOSSIP != TRUTH

2/6/2002 RPFN will move to Gilroy for the 2002 year.

12/2001 Pattersons will hold a 2002 renfaire in Novato.

9/13/2000 No more court?! St George and REC falling out.


Debunking RPFN Myths: > Squashing all the Rumors > 1. No new fees > 2. We have always required workshops for both > Faires. You don't get out of > workshops for one if you worked the other (that was > a one time only basis when > the Faires wee back to back on the last year of > BlackPoint) > 3. This is NOT the last year of Northern > 4. Northern is NOT closing > 5. Chances are we WILL be at Nut Tree again next > year. > 6. We are not charging to park but I'm lobbying for > charge for being stupid. > 7. Tent camping is not allowed for week long > residents ONLY. This is for > people living in crew camp, on site during the week. > They must live in RV's. > Tent camping is NOT effected for F-SU campers. You > may camp in your guild > site as long as you drop your tent during the day. > 8. Gerald does NOT have a prehensile penis.


SB Entertainment Department Contact Info:

Mailing Address: As You Like It Productions

Attn: Cat Taylor
PMB225 3905 State Street #7 Santa Barbara, CA 93105-5107

Phone# 805-692-6722 Fax# 805-692-1136

Faire Hours: Just a reminder that the hours of the Faire are 10:00AM to 6:00PM

Office Hours: Saturday/Sunday August 5/6 8:00AM-1:00PM 2:00PM-7:00PM Friday August 11 8:00AM-12:00 midnight Saturday August 12 7:00AM-11:00AM 5:00PM-7:00PM Sunday August 13th 8:00AM-11:00AM 5:00PM-7:00PM

27 June, 11;10 AM

As of about ten minutes ago, the San Bernardino County Board of Supervisors signed a twenty year lease on the Faire site in Devore. We can think long-term, folks!


Dickens Anyone? According to the faire's official web page ( there will be a mandatory cast meeting on, saturday, november 4th and dress rehearsal on november 19th. Historically, there have been workshops between those dates.


o/~ the passing of time, leaves empty lives, waiting to be filled o/~, a gloomy visit to Black Point from Vince.


Pattersons buy the Santa Barbara Renaissance Faire.


Seadogs cut from RPFS. Rumor has it that guilds and troupes may be put on a 'rotating' schedule, removing known acts to test hire new ones and generally pare the budget slimmer yet. Also rumored cut Dogs n Doublets, Sean n Dave, Mudshow, Dance Macabre. This years SEC filing should make for good reading.


Dickens off but claimed on for 12/2000. Pre-emptive announce to squish competition? Apparently there are two groups planning dickens for Y2K.


St. Helenas is on but small. Newcastle is back. St. Blaize is back. Bones are on.


Looks like St. Helenas is not happening this year. Claim is that the guild master pulled out and REC isn't doing any new hiring for guild masters.


Dicken's Faire seems to be ON for December. At the COW PALACE perhaps, they're apparently working on securing a venue.


Rumors cite Pescadero Harvest faire as unlikely. Two different rumors cited that the original location had fallen through and that one of the initiators had pulled out. Further rumors cite the possibility of a SF Dicken's fair, apparently the Fezziwigs are afoot -- but then hasn't this been the gossip for the last THREE years?


Miffed "amateur" actors a-plenty in the wake of the latest Vacaville news. "There will be an opportunity for some to join an acting guild if they cannot afford the admission price, said (REC VP) Hamburg." Ah so THATs why we do it! Open mouth, insert foot.


RPFS a dry site? Rumor has it that all private taps are officially closed and REC is holding participants to their contractual agreement (can someone confirm that the paperwork REALLY says this?) that they will not drink between 10 and 6. The net effect is to create a dry faire for participants. This follows a Saturday night auto fatality involving underage hard alchohol drinking.


REC signed an agreement to hold the 1999 RPFN run at the Nut Tree in Vacaville. No information regarding dates.

Steve Jones released from his position at RPFS. Cited causes include inflated ego, alienation of guildmasters. No word if the squid battle was a precipitating factor.

Phipps Ranch location confirmed for Renaissance Harvest Faire. Interesting options for Bay Area faire-goers this summer.


Cacophony Society attack on RPFS slated for May 22nd. Putting the pus-laden truth into period, this is sure to please.

More on the rumored pescadero faire: at Phipps Ranch in Pescadero, for 4 weekends, starting weekend of Aug. 28 (weekend before Labor Day). Some sort of organizing BBQ on Sat. June 19th. No idea about permits or the like, but an apparent contact number for vendors is (650) 879-1807. (If you call this and its not valid, PLEASE let me know such that I can remove it.) Other sources are much less positive, citing the various problems and obstructions (cf Antioch) even a moneyed fair encounters.


Theres a new sheriff at RPFS as Gerald Zapeta moves to a more management role.

Theres also a new younger (in love) shakespeare; no word on what Cliff is doing this year.

Speaking of Shakespeare, there was a rumor that Michael Qualtie's show was cut but appears to be on as a street fighting bit.

Things that did get cut include all english dancing -- no 5 oclock morris, how will we know when to start drinking? No word about irish step dancing.

Rumor has it that a mock naval battle was planned with a boat against a giant squid (really!) but canned when no one could find a diver dumb enough to activate the squid from the bottom of the muck lagoon. Fiscal allocations for this are the rumored cause of several show cancellations.

Despite some rumors, dance macabre appears to be at RPFS.

Rain has been drenching workshops, but no one is reported dead by electrocution.

Antioch off for RPFN? Rumors of a location south of half moon bay lurk as the environmental review will likely push things past this years dates.

Also rumors of a splinter faire to be held in late aug and early sept in pescadero, also south of HMB.

A new head of PAD, Steve Jones, has people's panties in a bundle due to reported poor acting and autocratic management style. Reports have him claiming that "faire isn't professional enough". Further claims hold that he will pick out neckties for all 20 PAD performers next year.

Corrections, explanations, and further gossip welcome....