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T: Renaissance fair comments misunderstood
D: Aug 18, 1999
C: (c) 1999 Contra-Costa Times


Howard Hamburg's letter of July 27 attacking my letter of July 20 is unfortunately misconstrued by Hamburg. Almost all of my comments, Hamburg saw fit to spin into other comments. None of what Hamburg stated thus far was quoted by me. I have both letters, and compared them side by side.

Hamburg appears to have some real problems in making his comments clear and concise. It also makes him appear untruthful, and as a citizen of Antioch I am extremely cautious to have any trust in what Hamburg states.

My tax issue had nothing to do with the Renaissance fair. Yes, I am dissatisfied with paying these exorbitant taxes. That part is true. What I expect in the least is to have a return from those taxes. I want to keep my peace, safety and quietness in my neighborhood.

Hamburg believes that it is not my back yard and again he knows very little of this area. Yes, it is my back yard. He has never bought a new home here in Antioch, hence has no knowledge what is all involved and why people bought their homes in this area. Hamburg made a fool out of himself with his comments. He would have been a wiser man and keep his mouth shut about things he knows little of.

Obviously, Hamburg has no idea what people are paying here for their new homes in this pristine area of Antioch, or else he would be more cautious in his comments. At best these can only generate some laughter from the neighbors.

Hamburg should know that we do pay large amounts of money for our homes off Dallas Ranch Road to enjoy a peaceful and very quiet existence. Loud noises and enormous pollution brought on by open fires, kitchens that spew out their fumes and odors in our atmosphere, thousands of cars in my back yard during the super hot temperatures that normally exist here in summer time, is not what I call a quiet, safe, peaceful and healthy environment to live in. He wants me to believe that it is going to be quiet and that it is nothing to be worried about. Who does he believe he is kidding?

I never said that the proposed location was a tax-free zone. Not sure where Hamburg got that from. I did say, that I have nothing against the Renaissance Pleasure Faire, but the proposed site is utterly wrong, and it does adversely effect everyone who lives relatively close to that location. Other nearby areas are also adversely affected by the traffic snarls this fair will bring.

I understand that the status-quo group believes it is a good thing to have the fair in Antioch and will put Antioch on the map. However, if you do a little research, you will quickly discover these people do not live anywhere close to the proposed site. Hence it is very easy to comment about the fair. I would not have any problems with the fair if it were to locate in Concord, Walnut Creek, Alamo or Danville. I don't live there. Period. Has Hamburg checked in any of those cities and what were the comments from the city councils of those cities?

I rather believe the cities did not want any part of your entertainment industry. There is an obvious reason. Should they not have liked to have more city revenues in their coffers? What made them object? Did it have anything to do with the complete and thorough environmental impact study? You may answer these issues if you care, Hamburg.

This city of Antioch also requires by law to submit a thorough and complete environmental impact report. This very lengthy report will be reviewed by concerned citizens, attorneys, and the City Council before a decision be made regarding a possible permit.

Like any one else, Hamburg, you must follow the guidelines of the law and you cannot get around the law. Fortunately, the citizens of this city still have the law on their side.

Frank Vlamings - Antioch