News: 1999-05.24-RPFN-NUT-TREE

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T: RPFN Nut Tree
D: 5/24/1999
S: From the edogs list, minor edits.
W: Despite the header, this is unconfirmed information.

NONE of this is rumor. This is all fact handed to the directors personally by Gerald this past weekend of Faire at our weekly meeting.

Lease signed with the NUT Tree (in Vacaville) to hold our Event on their property this year. For those who don't know - that's about 30 minutes north of Blackpoint and the Nut Tree has a huge amount of property incuding a huge mall, an executive airport, parks, orchards, and even a mini-train. If we're out on the park area of the property it could be pretty nice. In any event it's a hell of a lot better than the San Jose Fair Grounds.

Dave DeAngelo, presumed next in line to take Gerald Zepada's position, has been demoted to assistant status and being in charge of the core troupe.

Steve Jones removed from his position. His contract was paid out and he was asked to leave. Only rumors about the whys.