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[ Ren_Faire ] Message 570 (10 left): Sun Sept 27, 1992  4:39pm
From: lusty faire girl (picori@ucscb)
Subject: slack humor and lust at the faire

so banshee, ruhue, and i returned to faire yesterday and had an absolutely lovely time. Although the ren faire boy i spoke of that i had a little fling with was too busy juggling me and his *girlfriend* and god knows *who* else, i went on my merry way and had an enjoyable day anyway. ruhue and i skipped around the faire, meeting and kissing men along the way, until who should we encounter but our dear banshee, lying prone in the street, his tankard still in hand. a small crowd had gathered and various young women had started pouring water, ale, ice, and wine into his face. suddenly his eyes opened and he began to laugh and scream with a crazed expression on his face....

his writhing and howling attracted even more attention, including the attention of the constable, and the question was raised what should be done with the lunatic. Cries of "burn the loonie!" and "stone the madman" were heard... but the constable was sympathetic to dear john, and decided to pull him out of the dirt and put him in a cart... to drag him away from the crowd at least to stop disturbing the masses. so we lifted him up, giggling and screaming, and placed him in a great wooden cart. It was advised that we take him to the washerwomen and dump him in the well to cleanse him of the evil sickness... so ruhue, the constable, and a few others grabbed the cart handles, and began shouting to part the crowds in the way "make way for the madman"... people followed us until we reached the well, where we gathered around and asked the washerwomen if we could dump john into the water to cure him. She was aghast at the thought of the sick man being dumped into her clean well, but begrudingly the woman agreed to dump well water on him. after about three bucketfuls, john's eyes closed and the evil laughter ceased. "Is he cured?" we asked each other.... Suddenly his eyes opened again. but the insane eyeball rolling had ceased, and it looked like our john was back. He blinked up at us and looked confused. "Where am i? What happened?" he asked. "He is cured!" we cried.

slack: i met a really cute boy who was a friend of the faire boy who i have posted about..... yeah the one with the *girlfriend* that i didnt know about... it was near the end of the faire and he asked when i was coming back... i told him we were planning to come back, but it was getting expensive to keep paying for faire like we were... But i guess i told that to the right person, because he offered me a job at the game where he works! he explained that we dont get paid, persay, but we get into faire free, get to camp there overnightand get free food and unlimited ale!! so i told him yes, that would be perfect. and we wouldnt even have to work all day... but what about rebecca and john? i asked... i had been intending to camp with them... he told me they could work there too, and get the same benefits! we decided it was perfect... plus the guy and i are planning to spend some _time_ together next weekend.. hmmmmm!!! hahahaha

so look for ruhue, banshee and i, being loud and bawdy and drunk and obnoxious at "Tulziwop", a game where you stand on logs and try to balance while "beating off" your opponents with pillows!!